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The parlay featured point spreads, money lines and over/unders on a mix of Friday night NBA and college basketball games. The bettor backed 14 favorites, three underdogs and three overs. After receiving a $25 free play bet from BetMGM, the punter decided to take on the entirety of the NFL schedule on Week 2 by issuing a 16-game parlay bet on the money line. The Thursday night game was a pretty tough sweat, with the Washington Football Team barely eclipsing the New York Giants. It did not get any easier, either, as the full slate of Sunday action came around.

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Steelers at the Chargers, the Bengals at the Raiders, and the Football Team at the Panthers. Anyone who has watched the Philadelphia Eagles the last few weeks can tell you that there has been a change in offensive philosophy. The Philadelphia Eagles have rushed the football 68% of the time in neutral game scripts over the last four weeks. Malcolm Brogdon is the most underappreciated player in NBA DFS. Brogdon averages 22 points, seven rebounds, and six assists every time he steps on the court. We have recommended SGA all season long and won’t stop now. De’Aaron Fox fills out our trio of undervalued All-Stars on the slate.

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This bet needs the Bills to cover a 5.5-point spread on Monday night in order to win $193,475. The line has moved in the game, as the Bills are now 6-point favorites. The following table illustrates how the probability of winning a parlay bet changes in comparison to the odds offered by most sportsbooks. For the purposes of this example, we are going to be assuming that each bet comes with the standard -110 or 1.90 odds and each side has an even 50 percent chance of winning.

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However, get them all right and the proceeds from each winning selection are effectively bet on the next and your final return can be substantial. Instead of placing parlay bets with lots of teams on them, split them into multiple, smaller tickets. We recommend Sports News, Tips And Football Betting keeping your parlay bets down to 2-5 teams per ticket. This will increase your odds of winning, keeping your bankroll replenished with smaller, more frequent wins. Also, with each team added to a parlay ticket, the house takes a larger edge. When you get into 6+ team parlays, the house edge grows considerably.

Memphis is 3-0 on the season with wins over Tennessee Tech, North Carolina Central and St. Louis. St. Louis was their toughest opponent and Memphis was able to dominate and win by 16 points. The Tigers shot a terrific 54.4 percent from the field and 47.1 percent from beyond the arc. Head coach Penny Hardaway has always had defensive success for Memphis in his short career, but their offense has finally caught up as well.

You should know, most betting sites often automatically use true odds rather than fixed-odds to calculate the potential earnings of this type of wager. This will always be the case if any of your picks have any other odds except -110. So, a good trick here is always to try to include such a selection.

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It’s also important to be familiar with the house rules of the sportsbook from which you are betting. The construction of a parlay will heavily influence your payout, which is easily inferred from the odds. To complete your wager, you then let the sports betting app know how much you want to bet. For example, a parlay card may feature the point spread on several different football games. After all, the odds of several events all happening are much higher than the outcome of a single bet. Once you’ve found them all, look for the parlay section on the instantly-created bet slip and fill in the amount you wish to wager.

The NBA picks we bring suggest bets across the board, ranging from simple moneyline bets to over/under on the final score and much more. Check out our NBA parlays for a chance to turn a small bet into a massive profit with multiple profitable bets all on a single slip. College football betting is not yet legal in every state that has regulated bookies, but plenty of players across the country can bet on it. Our NCAAF predictions offer a detailed insight into the ever changing world of college football and try to predict some of the results and shockers each week of the season. Keeping track of all the young guns is a hard job and one best left to our professional pundits who will give you an idea of what to bet on. The world’s top football league is easily the most popular sporting competition in the USA and abroad.

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