AK Doll 175cm (5’9inch) Alluring Lips Blondie Sex Doll – Vivy $ 2,299 $ 4,299

AK Doll 175cm (5’9inch) Alluring Lips Blondie Sex Doll – Vivy $ 2,299 $ 4,299

Cassian originated the long run. She will make suggestions the new futuristic lovin that you haven’t knowledgeable yet ,. Made towards the TPE having a very good and you will smooth articulated human body. 7 inches Under Tits: 56cm | twenty two inches Case Length: 66cm | twenty-six inch Hips: 48cm | 18.9 inch Hips: 83cm | thirty-two.7 inch Foot Size: 77cm | 29.step three inches Thigh Circumference: voit lГ¶ytää lisää 44cm | 17.3 inch Pounds: 32kg | 70.5 lbs. Produced by WM Dolls *Design could have been inspired that have locks, make-up, outfits and you can jewelry having photos display Browse down to tailor your toy Pick Today! Totally free toy clothes provided** **Totally free dress cannot fulfill the you to definitely into the photographs

Vivy are good badass hottie you are unable to state no so you can if not she’s going to punish you with the far pleasure. This woman is as well as an entire silicone polymer doll Made of Silicone which have a solid and you can delicate articulated muscles. step three inch Below Chest: 63cm | 24.8 inch Waist: 53.5cm | 21 inches Pelvis: 91m | 35.8 inches Leg Circum: 52 cm | 20.5 inch Foot length: 20cm | eight.9 inch Case Duration: 63cm | 24.8 inches Vaginal Breadth: 17cm | six.seven inches Anal Depth: 17cm | six.7 inch Weight: 38kgs | 83.8 pounds Which toy contains the following the selection automagically; Serum BreastsArticulated FingersImplanted EyebrowsImplanted Lashes Created by WM Dolls *Design could have been themed that have hair, make-up, clothes and you can jewelry to have photos display screen Search right down to customize your own Heavy Sex Doll Pick Today! Totally free toy outfit provided** **Free clothes doesn’t match the you to toward photographs

Her bones makes it possible to position her because you choose 175cm (5’9inch) Sexy Mouth area Blondie Sex Toy – Vivy with Head #S142 Oral, genital and anal opportunities Height: 175cm | 5ft 9 inches Full Breasts: 82cm | 32

Hentai is actually an anime Real world Sex Doll which can meet your entire cosplay attract in only one night. She’s the perfect sized tits and you can a beneficial jiggly ass. Hentai is actually a specialist into the perverse or unconventional sexual notice and you will act. Made of high-quality Silicone polymer. 152cm (5ft) Anime Real world Sex Toy – Hentai which have Head S22 Oral, genital and you can anal possibilities Top: 155cm | 5ft 1 inches Complete Tits: 90cm | thirty five.4 inches Sides: 56cm | 22 inch Hips: 90cm | 35.4 inch Pounds: 34kg | 75 lbs Not as much as Tits: 58cm | twenty two.8 inch Vaginal Breadth: 17cm | 6.seven inches Anal Breadth: 14cm | 5.5 inch Oral Depth: 12cm | 4.eight inch Case Length: 64cm | twenty-five.2 inch Shoulder Depth: 34cm | thirteen.cuatro inches Calf Circum: 30cm | eleven.8 inch Leg Circum: 54cm | 21.3 inches Leg Length: 81cm | 31.nine inches Foot-length: 23cm | 9 inches Manufactured by Sino Dolls *Model has been inspired that have locks, cosmetics, outfits and you can jewellery to possess images display screen Browse as a result of personalize the doll Anime Real world Sex DollBuy Today! Free toy gown provided** **Free dress cannot satisfy the you to to your photo

Her joints will allow you to position their own because you favor 160cm (5ft2′) B – cup Innovative Seductress Love Toy – Cassianand Direct #432 Oral, genital and you will anal prospective Top: 160 cm | 5ft dos inch Full Breasts: 73cm | twenty-eight

Gomory ‘s the angel of dark that will certainly suit your sexual needs. Generated towards TPE having a strong and you may mellow articulated body. Their particular joints assists you to position her because you like 160cm (5ft2’) D-Cup Angel out-of Dark Sex Toy – Gomory and you will Lead #443 Dental, genital and anal opportunities Peak: 160 cm | 5ft 3 inches Full Chest: 81cm | 29.nine inch Less than Bust: 64cm | twenty-five.2 inch Case Size: 65cm | twenty five.6 inch Sides: 51cm | 20 inch Hips: 88cm | 34,6 inches Feet Size: 68.5cm | 27 inch Leg Circumference: 49cm | 19.3 inches Weight: 35kg | 77.2 lbs. Created by WM Dolls *Design could have been inspired with tresses, make-up, gowns and you may jewellery to possess pictures monitor Scroll down to customize their doll Pick Now! Free doll clothes incorporated** **Free gown doesn’t fulfill the you to definitely into the photographs

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